Swimming is a vital life skill for all to know & be confident in the water but know how to respect it.

It opens so many avenues to lead a healthy lifestyle, be active and have loads of fun in the sun!

Our Instructors

Our swim school is fully accredited and aligned with Swim South Africa.

The pool is fully enclosed and heated to offer all round year lessons Situated in the heart of Sea Point, Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town, the swim school is headed by Nicette Millar. Swimming is fantastic for gross motor movement, co-ordination, core strength and builds great confidence.

Nicette is a mother of 3 and is passionate about water safety and the vital importance of knowing how to swim.

Having grown up on the water and competed in Classical Water-skiing, Show Skiing and Ski Racing (competing against guys as the only female ski racer) water played a huge role in her life and brought many years of fun in the sun. The passion for the outdoors continued to grow and cycling took over both on the road and mountain biking, leading up to many 3 day stage events, podium at Sabie and taking on The Trans Baviaans Mountain Bike Endurance race, known as the toughest single day stage race in the world, 5 x.

Michaela Millar is studying to be a Bsc Occupational Therapist and is fully qualified as a swim instructor, she has an abundance of love for children and is passionate about increasing the quality of peoples lives.

We strongly believe in nurturing and guiding people to be the best that they can be and equipping them with the right tools and confidence in life.

Healthy Lifestyle Products

We have carefully chosen products filled with all the goodness that one needs in our busy daily lives and for those that train in various sports

Every Ingredient has a reason

Passion4Wholeness developed by Hannele Steyn - otherwise known as "the last Lioness" having completed every stage and every Epic mnt bike race.

Hannele represented South Africa in Triathlons and Duathlons internationally, she knows what it takes to feed her body with the right stuff.

PVM scientific sports nutrition -

The only supplement to use Whole Proteins, Diabetic friendly so no glycogen spikes and the all important Peptides.

Biozest -

The energy drink that is filled with electrolytes, anti oxidants, vitamins and minerals, Diabetic friendly and probiotic

Biozest is available in 6 wonderful flavours